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Casa Eden was where it all started and was the idea of owners Michelle and James, they had held business retreats for many years where they rented luxury homes for their clients and provided action packed agenda’s.


In 2019 they decided to take it to the next level by purchasing a large house on the side of a mountain in Andalusia, Spain with the sole intention of ripping out the inside (and a good chuck of the outside) to make way for a brand new 6 star luxury retreat venue.

James took on the challenge of project managing the renovations, he had exactly zero experience in renovations – in fact he could only just about hang a picture according to Michelle! But he had a head full of ideas, a phone full of pictures, a translation app and an amazing team of Spanish only speaking builders, carpenters, electricians and plumbers!


Some would say he was crazy and the job was impossible, but he developed an amazing relationship with the team who really understood the vision him and Michelle had for the house, even if his answer to most questions was….let me check with the wife for approval.


Michelle got used to the wild idea’s James and the team would come up with and the tone James would use to try and get her on board with them - just ask her about the Africa suite bathroom or the cupboard under the stairs….in fact don’t ask her about the cupboard under the stairs!


Check out some pictures from during the renovations...


Their goal was to provide not only business retreats, but many other types of retreats covering many different areas...

and in 2020, Casa Eden was finished and ready to start welcoming guests!

Take a look at what the house looked like before they started...

The house was finished and ready to open its doors in the summer of 2020, it was at this point that Michelle and James were able to take a step back and appreciate their hard work. Every finishing touch that they put in, each crazy idea James had made happen, every piece of furniture no matter how small, each interior design concept Michelle decided on and everything in between had all been done from their heart with love.

From all of us here at That Retreat Place and Casa Eden, we hope you have a wonderful stay with us and always remember to... Make Yourself The Priority!

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